Once an order is placed you will receive a confirmation email of your order. Once payment has been received we will send you an email to confirm which of our shipping day works best for you.

At this time we ship Tuesday through Friday, Fedex overnight, for delivery the following morning.

We can hold livestock for up to 1 weekfrom time of purchase. After that week a delivery date must be set.

We Guarantee that your livestock order will be the exact item you have purchased, arrive to you alive and in good health. It is very important to read over our shipping policy because there are things that can void our arrive alive guarantee.

Please see our DOA policy for exact details, but here are some general points.

1. Take very clear pictures of the livestock item both inside and outside of the bag the item arrived in.

2. Do not throw away the item

3. Email us the pictures of the deceased livestock within 2 hours of the Fedex delivery time.

We take great care to ensure completely pest free and healthy coral for our customers. All new coral coming into our facility are quarantined for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the species. During this time all coral are dipped multiple times a week, cleaned meticulously, and observed individually daily. Through the 4 to 8 weeks the coral are moved to different aquariums corresponding to the week of quarantine they are on, so new shipments are never mixed with already quarantine coral. In the off chance that a coral shows signs of something odd health wise at any point in the quarantine process then it is immediately put into our week 1 quarantine aquarium to start the entire process over. This is an incredibly painstaking and time consuming process but it's the only way we can truly be confident of the product we are providing our customers.